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2020 began with an optimistic view of the building and remodeling landscape, highlighted by increased traffic and activity from our dealers and an overall buzz from our customer base. COVID-19 has shifted this landscape, and proper social distancing and “stay at home” protocols instituted across the country are making it difficult for our customers to have a “typical” design consultation experience with our dedicated dealers.

We’re here to help facilitate an efficient yet personalized design process via online communication, and we’ve identified ways to work with our dealer partners and end customers to better navigate this new obstacle together.

  • Use the Woodland Cabinetry Design Planner and the Woodland Cabinetry Scratch Pad to begin the design process. This planner contains insightful questions for any consumer, prompting discussion around your ideal project outcome while informing the designer in the process. Open this PDF to get started, and return to your dedicated Woodland dealer upon completion.

  • Work with your dealer/designer to set up a video call to discuss the project and create a design and rendering of your space. These calls can be facilitated through Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or any other video conferencing tools.

  • Download the PDF Versions of our Literature to go through style, finish and color selections, and utilize our digital and social media channels (including our blog, Houzz, Instagram, website, Facebook) to find imagery that fits the style of your project. Your designer will be able to order you a sample or color chip.

  • Your project can be worked on remotely and make progress to a point where only a final measure will be required before order.

We understand this is an unsettling time for everyone, and we have faith we can overcome by working together. Woodland Cabinetry is here to support our dealer partners and our end customers.

Thank You,

The Woodland Cabinetry Sales Team

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